Daily work in the project

- We offer 2 daily meals to the children and young adults.P1000114

-We take care of the children by involving them in daily activities, such as studying together, gymnastics, playing, helping them with their homework and integrating them into daily tasks in the garden and in the kitchen.

– We offer the children the possibility and support to visit primary, secondary and professional schools.

– We regularly visit the children‘s families, caretakers Escola_Tia Rosa com Criancasand schools.

– We offer social support to the most
vulnerable families.P1000467

One child standing for more than 450:
Maria*, born in 2006, *name changed

“My mother passed away, when I was only 6 months old. After my mother’s death, I lived with my father. But when he got together with another wife, the stepmother expelled me from the house. So I went to live with my aunt. The house she is living in is one room made of sticks, wood and stones. She has no bed and sleeps on the ground. There is no drinkable water available. I am a traumatized child and used to be very quiet. I am HIV-positive and have serious health problems, as my intestines are full of wounds. I receive antiretroviral treatment already, however, I have many relapses and cannot go to school.

Since I have been in the centre of KAM, my life has improved positively. I receive food and clothes and also milk. I can clean my body and clothes with soap now. I opened up, speak, play and tell everything I learn in the centre to my aunt. When I am not disturbed by my sickness, I also help cleaning and washing up in the kitchen of the centre.”