The day-care-centers

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*Distances calculated in km from Maputo

Day-care-centre in Massaca “Luz”
Province of Maputo, 120 children

P1000291Massaca is a village that was constructed for refugees coming back from South Africa and Swaziland after the civil war. It developed in a populated area being surrounded by banana plantations. There are a primary school, a kindergarden, the day-care-center of KAM and a home for elderly people who have been abandoned.

Day-care-centre in Impaputo “Girassol”

Province of Maputo, 120 children

P1000090At the foot of the Limbombo Mountains you find the village of Mandevo in the area of Impaputo, a poor region being heavily affected by lack of rainfalls and, consequently, by draughts. The primary school of Impaputo is directly situated beside the day-care-center of KAM.

Day-care-centre in Namaacha “Esperança”

Province of Maputo, 80 children

P1000079The day-care-center in Namaacha is situated in the area of Vila de Namaacha in zone with very poor people. Namaacha is located right by the border with Swaziland, which brings along a lot of challenges for the population: smuggling and other difficulties, such as HIV/AIDS.

Day-care-centre in Tete “Chiculupiro”
Province of Tete, 120 children and 25 elderly/blind caregivers

Tete_equipa de futbolThe area around Tete seems to be like a touristy place with its straw huts and with its view of the River Zambeze. The children in the day-care-center of KAM are always very welcoming, despite of the extreme poverty in that area.

Young adults in secundary and professional schools nearby our day-care-centres